Tasveer Ghar: A Digital Archive of South Asian Popular Visual Culture

Guidelines for Future Contributors

We encourage and invite visitors/readers to contribute to this archive by submitting unique images from their own collections of popular and mass-produced art. We are looking for interesting examples of popular posters and calendar art depicting various themes such as Welcome, Good Morning, general greetings, print advertisements, archival photographs, and so on, that you may either have in your own house, shop or vicinity, or see it on a street, at someone’s house or on an autorickshaw. You will need to send us a digital image (either a scan or a digital photograph) in high resolution and large size. The contributor's name will be provided on the website. The contributor should take necessary copyright permissions about each image, in case such permissions are required. You can email your contributions to us at tasveerghar@gmail.com. You can also discuss other interesting ideas of popular culture in your vicinity that need archiving.

Please download these guidelines before submitting images or text to Tasveer Ghar.

You may also provide your feedback about our visual essays by using the form given at the end of each essay.


You can contact us at:



You may also connect with Tasveer Ghar at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Blogger.

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