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Please click on the following links to see the visitors' comments and feedback about our past visual essays. To provide your comments about a certain essay, you must visit the end of the essay and fill the comments box at the bottom. All comments would have to be approved by the administrator before they can appear on the website. Currently, this list features only those essays where a visitor has left a comment.

Gaurav Kalra: The Construction of Ascetic Masculinity in Vivekananda’s Photographs and Posters

Sourav Roy: The Constitution of India A National Gallery of a Few Good Men

Stephen Inglis: "The Norman Rockwell" of South India

Yousuf Saeed: Eid Mubarak: Cross-cultural Image Exchange in Muslim South Asia

Sumathi Ramaswamy: Artful Mapping in Bazaar India

Roos Gerritsen: Chennai Beautiful: Shifting Urban Landscapes and the Politics of Spectacle

Catherine B. Asher: Fantasizing the Mughals and Popular Perceptions of the Taj Mahal

Ranjani Mazumdar: The Man Who Was Seen Too Much: Amitabh Bachchan on Film Posters

Rosie Thomas: Still Magic

Shashwati Talukdar: Picturing Mountains As Hills

Richard H. Davis: Temple in a Frame

Abigail McGowan: Modernity at Home: Leisure, Autonomy and the New Woman in India

Christiane Brosius: The Rhythm of Romantic Love

Philip Lutgendorf: Chai Why?

Daljit Ami: Exploring Ravidas

Yousuf Saeed: The Priya Paul Collection of Popular Art at Tasveer Ghar

Joe Christopher and Alice Samson: Kottokka Devathallu

Stephen Inglis: Pongal Greetings by K. Madhavan

Sujithkumar Parayil: Icons of the Reformist Period and ‘Re-formed’ Icons of the Present

Vishal Rawlley: Miss Use


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