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The Rhythm of Romantic Love: Glimpses on Valentine's Day Cards
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  • Anushka
    18/05/2010 11:49:41

    It is an interesting reading of the rapidly globalizing India - the the way urban landscape with its variegated image production and circulation has come to embody the dynamics of globalization. Though the author identifies "urban" India as the landscape in question, I wonder if the essay is not being rather homogenizing in its understanding, and representation of the term urban. Would the same sense of "urban" apply to two cities, Delhi and Bombay? Or cities like Bombay and Patna? Or Chennai and Delhi? Urbanity in India is a not a simple city/village binary anymore (and never was). Any understanding and representation of urban needs to take into account the specific social, demographic and cultural (to name a view) vectors of a particular state/space in India!

  • Anisha
    13/04/2010 07:35:42

    Hi, I am curious about the questions you are asking, However, fig.03 came across to me as the typical stereotype of the women waiting for a guy to 'come'. Could you please highlight why do you attribute the lady as a woman of substance and what would you make of it,if she was fat?Also in the first pic, would you care to comment on the subdued politics of black and white in the picture? The last one is extremely kinky if you ask me, and the queer card is simple in its symbolism....I wonder how many were sold?

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