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Politics of Posture and Sartorial Sagacity:: The Construction of Ascetic Masculinity in Vivekananda’s Photographs and Posters
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  • Narayan Hore
    23/10/2019 01:32:09
    Insightful set of Observations. Wish we could talk about why Vivekananda was fulfilling a Hindu's fulfilment of all four broad Virtues: that of an ascetic, a warrior, the successful moral merchant and the nondescript ordinary at the same time.
  • Sourav Roy
    28/07/2018 11:27:35

    Enjoyed reading the essay. Full of minute and sharp observations. Fig. 23 also reminded me a certain observation by Ashis Lahiri in his book (http://www.rubanshop.com/book/Swami-Vivekananda-O-Bharoter-Secular-Vivek/TWpreE9TTWpJeU14). Apparently Ramakrishna Mission has a few photographs of Swami Vivekananda in his advanced stage of illness (Diabetes and Gangrene induced from it, among other ailments ). They show him in a terrible, swollen, wizened state. They don't allow any circulation of those photographs, of course.

  • Namrata Ganneri
    02/07/2018 09:04:31

    Enjoyed the piece and the photographs. Thank you.

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