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Picturing Mountains As Hills: Hill Station Postcards and the Tales They Tell
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  • Ann Altman
    15/07/2010 05:36:07

    Reading this article was pure pleasure. Having grown up in England, with the homes of many neighbors replete with "souvenirs" of the British occupation of India, I have always been interested in the ways that the British adapted to life in India. The readability and scholarly depth of the article, combined with the magnificent resources on which it draws, make me impatient for further articles by the same author on other material in the Tasveer Ghar archive.

  • athena
    15/07/2010 02:50:05

    A very well-researched and cogently written article which I enjoyed reading. And at the risk of sounding anti-patriotic, let me add, thank goodness for the 'goras' home-sickness. I wouldn't have had the pleasure of visiting/living in most of the above-mentioned hill stations and enjoyed their beauty and orderliness. Not to mention the romance that inevitably bloomed in each one of them. :)

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