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Pahalwan Portraits: Manly Consumers of Physical Culture in Western India
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  • patrick mccartney
    24/09/2019 09:45:20
    What a fascinating look into the pre-Independence physical culture of Indian wrestling and body building culture. I had not thought much of Parsi masculinity, especially its interest in muscular activities. This is one of only a handful of articles that look with such depth into the Vyayam encyclopedia that did a lot to popularise muscle culture in India. What I most appreciate is the description of how muscle culture developed due to the availability of photography and its inclusion in magazines. As well, the discussion around the legitimation process of these rustic, low-class cultural practices by the urban middle class that was trying to reclaim a sense of tradition and indigenous identity in opposition to the hegemonic standards of the colonial rulers is really quite interesting.
  • Deepa R Ganneri
    21/09/2019 15:01:36
    Well done Namrata
    Good work
    Very comprehensive

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