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The Muslim ‘Other’: Figures of Evil and Charisma from Popular Visual Culture in India
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  • Souarv Roy
    21/12/2019 10:43:39

    The whole ostrich! Phallic much? Jokes apart, the interesting 'queer' reading that got away was the refraction of Ranveer's 'sartorial genderfluidity' in Khalji's 'evil queerness' could be successfully accomplished without dissonance because it is a millenial rehash of the old overcompensating hypermasculinity of queer men, "one has to be even more of a man to fuck men". In real Ranveer, secure in masculinity for 'having' the real Padmini (Deepika) it's a media-friendly dash of rainbow glitter, while in his Khilji version too, his manhood is never in question, even in character. It adds a sheen to Khalji's evilness, without taking away anything in his maleness.

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