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Exploring Ravidas: Understanding the Meeting Point of Faiths and Resistance
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  • Arvind Marden
    25/12/2012 22:48:17

    I become happy,because You have tried to collect images of Sant Ravidasji. I am inspired from the literature of Sant Ravidasji and trying to explore in Gujarat.I am going to publish a book about life of Sant Ravidasji in Gijarati.I likes your atticle.Thanks.

  • ???????
    25/06/2014 07:04:24

    इस शोधपूर्ण आलेख के लिए दलजीत अमी को बधाई । मानव धर्म मिशन की चर्चा नहीं की गई है। नगवा मोहल्ले के छोटे से रविदास मन्दिर के पुजारी से इस बाबत उनकी चर्चा हुई थी।

  • Dr.R.D.Bharati
    25/03/2012 02:33:14

    I am very happy to know this different valuable information on this site i hope it will go to more in future. Antar tan rachey nahi , bhahare kathay udaas Tain nar yumpur jaingain sat bhasey Raidas. Jay shri Rarankar. thaks

  • Trilok
    14/08/2013 07:54:55

    Ravidas Although people approach Ravidas differently for different purposes, he has become a bridge among people who otherwise seem to have contradictory viewpoints. It's good..

  • Darshan Singh
    07/11/2009 14:11:44

    You have not included the cover of my book. The title is "Sant Ravidas and His Times" published by Kalyani Publishers, Ludhian, Delhi in 1977. It was the first book in English ever published.

  • Gagandeep Singh
    05/01/2010 07:03:27


    01/11/2014 19:00:31
    very useful & based on facts essay.Through this you endeavored genuinely in depicting a life sketch of our Guru Maharaj in a very brief words . Jai Gurudev Dhan Gurrudev 09718067607 Delhi

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