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The Man Who Was Seen Too Much: Amitabh Bachchan on Film Posters
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  • Kuhu
    08/09/2010 01:39:00

    Really enjoyed the essay and how it mapped an entire era and issues of stardom through the film poster. I also got to thinking about the dialogue between film posters, of a politics of borrowing publicity techniques. What I am wondering about really is if the intertextuality of films (especially Bachchan's films) is translated into the ideology of the poster as well. Were they trying to be different from one another or were they feeding off one another.

  • Subodh
    08/09/2010 00:16:27

    Excellent essay, and a fascinating website. What about posters of other films in this period? Were they following a similar pattern? Also - does the villain decline in the posters? Pran is there and so is Amjad, but none else.

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