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Sukeshi Kamra teaches in the Department of English Language and Literature at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Her research and teaching interests include contemporary Anglophone Indian Literature and Indian Literature in Translation, Postcolonial Theory, Law and Literature of British India, Revolutionary Nationalism, and the 1947 partition of India. Her current research has as its focus Law and Revolutionary as well as Popular Nationalism in the 1870-1914 period of British India. She has published a book length study and some articles on the subject. She is particularly interested in the courtroom dramas of the many seditious libel trials that occurred as discursive nationalism became a tour de force. In 2002, she published a monograph in which she reflects on the multiple meanings with which the end of colonial rule was imbued by nationalists, partition refugees, and the (British) exiled. Since then, she has maintained an interest in and written of the cultural and literary resonance of the 1947 partition in the field of global literary production.

Essay/s by this author at Tasveer Ghar:

Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the Political Cartoon Culture
of the Majority Press in 1947

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