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Harjant Gill is an associate professor of anthropology at Towson University. His research examines the intersections of masculinity, modernity, transnational migration and popular culture in India. Gill is also an award-winning filmmaker and has made several ethnographic films that have screened at film festivals, academic conferences, and on television networks worldwide including BBC, Doordarshan (Indian National TV) and PBS. Gill is a fellow alumnus of Point Foundation. He co-directed the SVA Film & Media Festival (2012-2014), and currently serves on the board of directors of Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA) and co-edits the Multimodal Anthropologies section of the journal American Anthropologist. His website is www.TilotamaProductions.com.

Harjant participates in the Tasveer Ghar Workshop on Manly Matters with his film Mardistan (Macholand).

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